“Business or Pleasure?”: Open for Business!

Never trust a Cookies By George cup and invest in a pair of black dress socks to match your black dress shoes. This is advice that will save you from spilling coffee on your shirt because you are busy trying to make sure your pant legs don’t come up high enough to expose your white Russell athletic socks when you are walking around the Business building.

The start to another great year at the Alberta School of Business is filled with a combination of excitement and first day jitters, even for someone entering into their 5th year of undergraduate studies. Please note: having a 5’oclock shadow at 8 in the morning does NOT make me your Marketing 301 professor.

The first few days of school are my favorite part of every semester. You have the opportunity to give yourself a fresh start in each class and make new friends. Always show up early for your first class, you do not want to gain the reputation of being the “late kid”. Get your iPhone 4 off from the desk in front of you, everyone can hear your phone vibrating and it’s just as distracting as hearing a phone ring. You will not only make more new friends but this will also help you start off on the right track with your professor.

Over my years at the School of Business I’ve learned that it is important to have emails in your inbox at the start of every day.  It doesn’t really matter if they are business related; just don’t open your inbox at the start of a day with no new emails. Luckily, over the summer, I’ve subscribed to so many websites that send emails every weekday at 6:45 am that I can be confident I’ll be in the double-digits of unread messages. You don’t have to read them everyday (The Economist, Groupon, Bloomberg, LinkedIn, Match.com, etc.) but it is good to have them there.

It took me a full semester to realize that the School of Business building had a basement. With that being said, take some time to tour the building and explore on your own. With the weather being unseasonably hot this September it is crucial to layer your clothing. It may be extremely hot outside but really cold in your classroom. This temperature change can cause quite a bit of sweating on your travels in between classes. I am currently working on a disposable t-shirt (patent pending).

In the first few weeks it is crucial to get involved. Step out of your comfort zone and check out the Clubs Fair at the School of Business early next week.  You are sure to meet some new people who may be future group members over the semester. Sign up for information from a few of the different clubs, not only for the free stuff they are offering, but for the information they will send you in the future about their events. Be sure to check out the University of Alberta School of Business (850th fan to like their page receives an awesome crested prize pack!) and the Business Student’s Association on Facebook. Both pages are great sources of information to stay in the loop and not miss out on what the School of Business has to offer!

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  1. #1 Fan says:

    What is the “awesome crested prize pack”?

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