Business is Booming!

The importance of the handshake in Business cannot be ignored. A simple handshake leaves an impression on a person that can be incredibly influential. Too limp a handshake can show a lack of confidence, while too strong can show dominance and power issues. It is crucial to develop the perfect handshake.

Over the summer I spent hours refining my handshake. I felt that with graduation quickly approaching it is no longer acceptable to tickle the palm of my potential future employer with my index finger mid-handshake.

The Business Shake

Never lead with your thumb (the submarine thumb guided shake into your partner’s forearm isn’t funny when you are trying to get hired at an accounting firm). I am confident that since refining my handshake habits I am ready to shake hands with anyone that I am introduced to.

Today I attended the Clubs Fair in Business Quad at the Alberta School of Business. It was a great opportunity to meet the club representatives and find out exactly what they were promoting throughout the year. I signed up for a few newsletters and was rewarded with “free swag” (I guess this is the new way to say free stuff). I am looking forward to receiving more information about potential opportunities that the various clubs in Business have to offer.

It is a pretty rare occurrence that I step foot in a library prior to the third week of school. However, I caught wind that the Winspear Business Library was serving cake and coffee to all Business students. I thought that I could spend a few hours in the library getting organized and completing a few readings before my next class. Besides it is pretty rare that I can have my cake and eat it too.

Winspear Business Library's Spin Wheel

I found out that they also had a wheel that you could spin and win more “free swag” (I never thought that I could have too much “free swag”).  If the Winspear Business Library offered free cake and coffee all the time I would never leave (someone should do a study on the positive correlation between free cake in the library and a Business student’s GPA).

I anticipate coming out of the gates hot at the start of this year: staying organized, reviewing daily, and reading before class. I will keep you updated on how this turns out when assignments, group projects, and exams start piling on!

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