B.Calm: Henry Singer Awards

“Started a little blog just to get some traffic – A million hits and the web crashes”                                                                                                                                     -Kanye West

In the world everyone is defined by the choices that they make. As students in the Business world we are often defined by the first impression we make. A few of us will stand out as students who are outgoing, driven, and well dressed.

From Left to Right: Mr. Sam Dean (student), Mr. Jordan Singer (President, Henry Singer Fashion Group)

Having attended a few Alberta School of Business events now, it has become clear to me that nobody is noticing my impeccable style, broad shoulders and sparkling personality because they are too focused on my name. On several occasions I have had lengthy conversations with industry leaders and the conversation has not developed beyond my first and last name. The conversation usually goes something like this:  “Sam Dean. Really? Is that your name? You are joking. The man with two first names”. To avoid this, I resorted to introducing myself very quickly, “SamDean” but after a long confused pause, most people would politely ask what my last name was. So I tried introducing myself with my full name: Samuel Thomas Dean. However, the very sharp leaders of Business quickly put my three names together and came up with my initials. Needless to say, I am back to introducing myself as Sam Dean.

I attended the Henry Singer Awards last night on behalf of the School of Business. For anyone who is not familiar with the Awards, the Henry Singer Award recipient is a retail leader who is “as committed to building their community as they are to building their business”. No, I was not the award recipient.

Left to Right: Mr. Jason Wordie (VP Sales and Operations Henry Singer Fashion Group), Mr. Sam Dean (student), Dr. Kyle Murray (Associate Professor & Director of the School of Retailing)

I really enjoyed myself because it gave me the opportunity to network with Canada’s retail leaders. I was incredibly impressed by the friendliness of these leaders. Mr. Fred Singer, chairman of the Henry Singer Fashion Group, took time out his evening to stop and socialize with myself and other Business students.  We were blown away by how he was able to make a student feel so important in a room full of prominent retail leaders. I am realizing that making other people feel comfortable around you is possibly the most important skill for a Business person to possess (other than golf).

Advice for the day: B.Calm, midterms are coming up soon. Remember to keep relaxed and stay loose during exam season.

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