Dear Diary, Today I met a girl. She talked to me.

There are currently 960 women registered in the undergraduate program at the Alberta School of Business. I thought that it would be interesting to run some statistics on my odds of meeting a girl in Business. Being a prominent (well, self-proclaimed at least) Business student, I considered my odds to be around the “honest” part of the curve. Not falling behind, but not showing off by any means.

Men: 1101

Women: 960

Total BCom Undergrads in 2011 = 2061

Unfortunately, there were too many uncontrolled variables (biological variability, etc.) that could influence the ability to provide a general conclusion with any reliability. However, from the statistics you can see that women are playing a leading role in Business. Jay-Z you were wrong. “I’m not a ‘Business-Man’! I’m a Business…man!” This statement is misleading. At the Alberta School of Business we are Business…men and Business…women in 2011.

Pausing for a laugh.

On a completely un-related note, midterms and life commitments have completely taken over. With a tough stretch of tests over the last two weeks and emceeing my sister’s wedding I have slipped on my blog posting routine. I look forward to getting back to full-blown blogging next week when things slow down a bit!

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