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Blog Boy’s Alumni Corner

Accountants are typically depicted as being cold, aloof and impersonal in addition to being boring and dry. Many people believe that accountants spend all of their time counting beans in their offices. I had a hard time believing all the … Continue reading

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Business Presentation Attire: “Studs & Duds”

It is that time of year again. Not yet final exams, but final presentations. It is the ultimate test of your ability to speak in public and put your “great” ideas out there to be judged by your fellow classmates. … Continue reading

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The “Ugly”: The Biz Lib Etiquette

After several weeks of focusing on the “good” and pumping the tires of the Alberta School of Business I thought it was about time to divulge the “bad” and the “ugly”. Prospective students and current students alike deserve to know … Continue reading

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