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With my last name, academic probation jokes are popular this time of year (the jokes have nothing to do with my academic standing…, seriously).  Luckily, I figure that since the School of Business does not have a permanent Dean, it is virtually impossible to take a “Dean’s Vacation”. After I came to this realization, I was a little more relaxed over the holidays while waiting for grades to come in. I could let my hair down, and put my feet up for a few weeks without any worries. I enjoyed some much-needed television time. As a result, I have now narrowed down my career aspirations to professional buyer looking to do battle on “Storage Wars” or supernatural being involved in a love triangle in “Mystic Falls”.

At the start of the second semester, I always feel like I’m heading into the second half of the game down a few goals. However, with a couple of good bounces – actually buying the required textbooks, and doing the assigned reading before lectures – and a bit of luck – getting the smart kids assigned to my group in professor-assigned group projects – I hope to tie the game up and come out with a “W” ( for win, not withdraw).

The excitement of a fresh start motivates me to refocus and set new goals. I am always eager to see who is in my lectures and what each professor is like. It gives me a chance to put out the Winter Semester vibe and meet new friends.Please hold all applause when you see me entering your class on the first day; I won’t affect relative grading that much!

Personal Beer Olympics

If you are looking to get involved this semester, the Business Students’ Association has an excellent mix of events and activities planned for “Business Week 2012”. There is something for every Business student planned during the week. If networking with industry leaders at Backstage Pass isn’t quite your thing, there is always the Beer Olympics. Attend a few of these events and meet a few new Business amigos; you will not regret it!

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