Back to the Grind

After a relaxing week off for Reading Week it is time to get back to Business. I spent the week away from Edmonton – in Las Vegas learning about the economics of gambling – which made it very difficult to crack open many textbooks.

 Prior to Reading Week, in my Business 301 – Business Communications class, we were given the assignment of completing a business resume. ImageThinking I had a current professional (professional used very loosely) resume saved on my computer, I decided to leave it until after the break.  Today, I finally opened up my “current” resume. Scanning it over I realized that I was still riding on the coattails of a 2001-2002 “Outstanding Citizenship” Award that I received while in Grade 7 (I peaked way too early). Believing that my resume would get better I continued to read on and found out that my only listed work experience was shoveling senior neighbors’ walks (arguably charging above the market rate at the time…). Needless to say, I had a lot of content and formatting – apparently Matura MT Script Capitals font doesn’t sell in 2012 – to update. The moral of this story about my rookie business mistake is to ensure that you have a current resume at all times (especially if it is part of an assignment due at 8 am on Tuesday morning).

 The Alberta School of Business has a Business Career Services office, which is located in room 2-21 (across the hall from the undergraduate office). Business Career Services offers students and alumni career development and employment opportunities. Current students can make (free!) appointments for resume critiquing to ensure that resumes are polished and ready for business employers. To learn more about Business Career Services visit their website. Please do not book all of the available appointments this week as I need to get in for critiquing.

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