In the Business of Marketing

“I really enjoy what I do.” Sam Dean, Student Spotlight, November Issue, Lazy Faire 

I am often asked what exactly it is that I do. I have a shared office and am often seen walking really fast with my head down (makes me look a bit more important).

But why you ask? I am the Vice President of External Relations for the University of Alberta Marketing Association (UAMA). Your next question is probably: what on earth is the UAMA? Well, the UAMA is a not-for-profit, student operated organization that represents the Marketing and School of Retailing students at the Alberta School of Business. Our organization provides members with academic support, networking opportunities, and events with the intention of increasing overall student involvement. It’s free to join! Your textbooks are a valuable resource in Business, but the benefit of networking with the Business community outside of the classroom is an invaluable experience.

So, you are likely scratching your head trying to figure out what role I could possible play in integrating the student body with the Edmonton and Alberta Business community. One of my responsibilities is ensuring that the UAMA has the necessary capital to host and put on the events that our executive team chooses throughout the year. I must find a way to effectively interact with corporates and utilize my existing contacts to have representation from the Marketing field at our functions. Well, to be honest, my volunteer position is made pretty easy because many School of Business alumni are eager to meet current students and give back.

Although the academic school year is nearly over, the UAMA still has a few major events that we host every year!

UAMA Case Competition                                                March 16th & March 17th

Details: Competition is open to all business students, with a preference given to those who have a marketing or retail major/minor. In partnership with Labatt, the competition will be held over two days. Teams will have a chance to learn about the Labatt brand, its products and have a chance to apply their classroom marketing concepts to a real-life case on Labatt in Edmonton. If you win, you can show up to your marketing classes with a bit of a swagger. (usually resembles a bad hip/knee).

Marketing Wine & Cheese Mixer                                    March 29th

Details: Allows University of Alberta Commerce students to interact with corporate participants in various marketing professions. This will be an invaluable learning experience for you as it will test your networking skills and provide opportunities for future development.  This event is my first experience with any sort of event planning… It should be a great evening!

Take the time out of your busy schedule to get involved! If marketing isn’t quite your thing there are many other great student organizations that host fantastic events. Take a minute and walk around the Business Lounge looking at all of the office windows with logos for different organizations. Match your interests to the interests of a student-led Business club!

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