Business or not? Summer Jobs

It’s that time of year again: my fellow students are showing up to school first thing in the morning in their slick suits and fancy blouses. Nope, it is not presentation week for final projects, but rather on-campus interviews for summer jobs.  A time of sweating in your fresh-off-the-hanger suit in return for a chance to work the 9-5 desk job. Ahh, the “real world”.

I still like to think of the four-months off as “summer holidays” and to be honest I am a bit averse to the “real world” during the summer. Sure, you are reading this and thinking this kid is just 100% lazy and loves going horizontal (hawr-uh-zon-tl, verb: to laze around and watch re-runs of Two and a half Men) but I do work 40-ish (a bit generous) hours a week during the summer months.

In the summer of 2007 I was hired at the Royal Mayfair Golf Club and have continued to work there every summer since then. It is a running joke among my friends (well to be honest more a joke with just myself) that after my fourth season I received my honorary PhD in hook scrubbing (slang for washing golf clubs). With a few seasons under my belt I have learned that you have about a one-minute window to strike up a conversation in order to be considered for a tip. One-liners about the weather or any sort of over used cliché (“not bad for a hat rack”, “ah, to be young again”, “can’t afford not to”, “staying one step ahead of yesterday”, etc.) usually do the trick. The Royal Mayfair is an incredible employer and I would recommend working there if ever given the opportunity. A lot of people go home and complain about their bosses but I’ve never had the inclination to do so!

My advice for any high school or university student is not to worry all the time about finding a summer job that relates directly to business. PlacePro is a great place to start looking for job opportunities and listings. Also read the emails that various student organizations send out in the next few weeks. Find something in the summer (your time off!) that you enjoy doing and have fun! You will have lots of time to slave away in an office when you grow up.

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