Break from Business

When the weight of the last few weeks of a semester in Business has got you down, what do you do?

Some of my peers will be at Dewey’s taking advantage of Sapporo Thursdays however I’d advise against this. You will only find yourself a few hours later in your pajamas scrolling through the New Releases section of Shaw on Demand on a Friday at 2:30 am (not speaking from experience). So, what should one do to stay in top mental and physical shape during the last haul of the Business grind?

Since research has shown that Business students who participate in Campus Recreation activities three weeks prior to finals achieve on average 24% higher on exams,* I would recommend taking advantage of all that the University of Alberta Campus Recreation has to offer!

The School of Business has a “unit” within the intramural program of Campus Recreation. Some of the activities offered in intramurals are team sports and require registration by an official unit (some do not). Intramurals are broken down into Co-Rec, Men’s and Women’s and the activities range from innertube waterpolo to competitive ice-hockey. The cost of participating in these activities is normally free or relatively inexpensive.** You can usually pick your skill level in each activity, so if you aren’t the world’s greatest triples wallyball player you should still go out and get involved! It is a great way to stay active with a structured event and you won’t get bored like you do with bicep curls/skull crushers…weird how every day is upper body day for males in Business.

In the early months of 2007 I sustained multiple concussions in the same hockey game (comparable to a young Eric Lindros). I can’t really participate in physical activities anymore or get above class average in Managerial Accounting (FIFO; gets ya every time). With all that being said, I still “participate” in Campus Recreation Intramurals. I am the Unit Manager for the BREW (Men’s Intramural Unit). I attend all of the required meetings – usually catered by Domino’s pizza – and show up to all of the activities our unit participates in. Two years ago I nominated myself to be the General Manager, President of Hockey Operations, Head Coach, and backup goaltender for the Brewistocrats, who play in Division 1 Men’s ice-hockey. Last Thursday I had to play goalie. Well, I carried the Brewistocrats to a 10-3 victory over Farmhouse Fury (Agriculture) for my first “W” as a goaltender. I faced about 5 shots and let in 3 goals…it doesn’t take a C+ in Math 113 to figure out how many shots I saved. A win is a win though. Currently up for Unit Manager of the Year!***

My advice for you as a soon to be or current Business student is to take advantage of Campus Rec activities. All Campus Recreation activities are incredibly well organized and are always a lot of fun. You will meet a lot of interesting people outside of the School of Business and it is a great way to stay in shape. Talk to someone from the Business Students Association to find out who the unit manager is for next Fall and then start looking into the Campus Recreation activity guide. It is always important to work a little bit of cardio in!

*Completely fabricated statistic.

** That being said, all full-time students pay a mandatory “Athletics & Rec” fee of $62.66 a semester.

***Completely fabricated story

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